We Care About Your Professional Development

Welcome to Discreet Guide Training. When we work with you, you will discover a new way of thinking about yourself. Achieving professional goals is about more than taking a few classes. It is about discovering your own presence — call it your vibe, your energy, your aura — that reaches out and touches those around you through your behaviors and how others perceive you.

We are here to help you achieve your goals — whether it’s greater impact, stronger verbal skills, more influence, or just gaining confidence and becoming more of your own person.

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“I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Jennifer for many more years. She is a kind, considerate, encouraging person and seriously the best! I highly recommend her.”                                   ~ Katie C.

“She literally changed his life.” ~ Janet Andrew, Executive Career Coach

“I’m so glad I had and continue to have Jennifer in my corner as I grow in my career.”     ~Philana Kiely, Executive Director, MBA Women Int’l

“I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart and strongly recommend taking her lessons to improve your English.”              ~ Daisuke K.