Doing it right

If your English for work sounds boring, is filled with jargon, or reads like manufactured content, you’re doing it wrong. Writing or speaking for work or school is an opportunity to show off your skills and wow your audience with spectacular, clear, and precise prose. If you’re not there yet, we can help!


Whether you’re an English learner or a native speaker, we’ll improve your English to take it up a level.

First, we get the basics right: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Then we work on sentence construction, word choice, internal logic, and correct parallel forms.

Finally, we elevate your language to engage your listeners or readers through storytelling, words that move, and a narrative arc to create a memorable and exceptional experience.


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This program will teach you to construct simple, beautiful prose to say exactly what you mean.


Good spoken and written material will make your point convincingly and powerfully.


Good communication is moving and entertaining, full of drama, with a human touch.