“All the world’s a stage.”


Verbal Skills

  • Articulation / Pronunciation
  • Speech Writing
  • Vocabulary / Word Choice
  • Story Telling  / Narrative Arc
  • Pacing / Pauses
  • Body Language / Gestures
  • Coping with Stage Fright
  • Using Powerpoint successfully
  • Bringing the whole you





Reboot your presentation skills

The world awaits…

The world has had enough boring, trivial, garbled, hopeless, mind-numbing, simplistic, check-the-box speeches and presentations. You are the answer! Bring your own creativity, unique voice and perspective, and special style to the new visible you.


We can help with what you need to become the speaker you dream of, whether it’s confidence, feedback, practice, or managing stage fright. Using role models, video analysis, and careful, targeted rehearsal, we can take your presentation skills and public speaking to the next level. Don’t wait! The world needs you…


Sessions can be one-time help with an upcoming speech or presentation or on-going sessions to raise your skills in general for a bright future full of applause and admiration.

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